Individual Membership Options

An Individual Membership is suitable for any person in the industry that wishes to join the CMII.

There are a number of membership levels which are open to any individual who is qualified or wishes to apply. These level and their benefits are set out below.  Access to some of the levels is normally through educational progression but in certain cases this may be waved where the membership committee are confident in the individuals experience level.

Standard Member & CMII Technician

  • Industry Recognition
  • Use CMII or CMIIT Designation
  • Regular Industry News Email
  • Events, Forums & Networking
  • Education Pathway
  • Career development

CMII Associate Member

  • In Addition to Standard Member
  • Use CMIIA Designation
  • Networking Events
  • Recognition of Training & Skill Level
  • Access to Membership Resources
  • Career Mentoring

CMII Credit Practitioner

  • In Addition to Associate Member
  • Use CMIIP Designation
  • Professional Level Networking Events
  • Recognition of Professional Standing
  • Access to Professional Level Resources
  • Mentor & Mentee Opportunities