Membership Options

CMII membership is open to any individual or organisation that has an interest or involvement in the industry.  Whether you give credit to your clients, are a collector in a business or have goods and services that are used within the industry there is a place for you in the Institute.

The Credit Management Institute of Ireland (CMII) is a professional organization that unites and informs individuals working in the credit industry. Whether you give credit to clients, work as a collector in a business, or provide goods and services used within the industry, there’s a place for you in CMII.

Here’s why you might consider joining CMII:

  1. Industry Representation: CMII represents professionals who share the common goal of promoting and improving the credit industry. By joining, you become part of a community that advocates for industry interests.
  2. Resources and Information: As a member, you gain access to resources, information, and opportunities that can enhance your knowledge and skills. CMII keeps members informed about industry trends, legislative changes, and technological advancements.
  3. Networking: CMII provides networking opportunities with other credit professionals. You can connect with peers, exchange ideas, and collaborate on best practices.
  4. Free Standard Membership: CMII offers free standard membership to both individuals and businesses. Whether you’re an individual or represent an organization, you can join without any cost.
  5. Shape the Industry’s Future: By participating in CMII, you contribute to shaping the future of the credit management industry. Your involvement matters in driving positive changes.

If you’re passionate about credit management and want to boost your career, consider joining CMII. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the industry’s growth.