Why affiliate with AICDP

Affiliating with the Association of International Credit Directors & Professionals (AICDP) can offer several benefits for the Credit Managements Institute of Ireland model, particularly in terms of professional development and global networking.

Who are AICDP?

The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) is a global membership organization dedicated to raising standards and sharing best practices within the credit management profession. Established in 2014, AICDP serves as a platform for senior credit professionals to engage at a strategic level, leveraging their financial and commercial expertise to drive the profession forward.

AICDP’s mission is to represent credit directors and executives internationally, focusing on action and cohesion to enhance professional excellence. It offers a space for its members, who are invited based on their success and expertise, to contribute knowledge, talent, and time to enrich the credit management field.

The organization is committed to providing education, development, operational excellence, and career progression opportunities for credit professionals. It also emphasizes the importance of behavioural and cognitive competences for success in the field. AICDP operates with a global perspective, recognizing the increasingly international nature of credit management.


Here are some reasons why this CMII and AICDP affiliation could be beneficial to CMII members:


  1. **Professional Qualifications**: AICDP offers international professional qualifications through certificates and diplomas, which could enhance the credentials of CMII professionals. Talk to us in CMII anytime to discuss.


  1. **State-of-the-Art Training**: Members have access to advanced training in areas like risk management, technological innovation, and business-specific management skills, which are aligned with CMII’s focus on professionalism in Credit Management.


  1. **Global Networking**: As a prime international organization, AICDP provides a platform to connect with credit professionals worldwide, potentially expanding the reach and influence of CMII professionals.


  1. **Career Management**: AICDP membership alongside CMII membership can help clarify and manage career paths in credit, offering support and advice that could be valuable for CMII professionals looking to specialize in credit management within their field.


Overall, affiliating with AICDP could provide CMII professionals and organizations with resources, knowledge, and a network that supports professional growth and operational effectiveness in the global market.

 AICDP website is here


For further information please email info@cmii.ie and we would be happy to discuss.