What are Affiliations?

Affiliations refer to the connections or associations an individual or organization has with other entities.

These can be formal or informal ties to groups, institutions, or movements.

Affiliations often indicate a shared purpose, values, or interests.


What are the  benefits to CMII Affiliations?

Strong affiliations can significantly benefit an institute in various ways, such as:

  • Resource Sharing: Collaborations often lead to shared resources, which can enhance the institute’s capabilities
  • Networking Opportunities: Strong affiliations provide networking opportunities with other institutions, fostering collaborations and partnerships
  • Knowledge Exchange: Affiliations facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices, contributing to the academic and professional growth of the institute’s members
  • International Presence: Being affiliated with international organizations can help institutes gain an international presence and recognition.


These benefits collectively contribute to the institute’s growth, innovation, and long-term success.

The Credit Management Institute of Ireland continuously seeks to improve the offerings to it’s members. Affiliations are one way to achieve this.