The Credit Essentials Course

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Introduction to Credit The opening unit which explains what credit is, why business use it and who they should give it to.  It also looks at where it sits in your business.
Collection Paths A collection path is the process used by an organisation to manage the collection of outstanding balances due to them.  This unit examines the structure of a collections path and why businesses use them.
Time Management & Account Prioritisation The most valuable asset in a collections department is the time of the collector.  This unit looks at how to get the greatest return from that time.
Collection Calls This unit explores the structure of a collections call and how understanding that structure and using it will help to get results.
Negotiations An ability to negotiate is an important skill and this unit looks at the CMII approved practical approach to negotiations.
Issue Handling This unit looks at how to manage and resolve client issues and how to report them to help the business improve.
Awkward and Abusive Clients There is potential for conflict within collections communications. This unit looks at the skills needed to defuse these situations while keeping the focus on the outstanding balance.
Vulnerable Client A unit which looks at defining and identifying vulnerable clients and processes to manage your interaction with them.
Credit Management Knowledge This unit covers a number of credit topics which a collection agent needs to be aware of.  These include collections law, credit policies and procedures, GDPR, corporate insolvency, personal insolvency and KPI’s.